Dalian Chemicals Biotechnology Co., Ltd, is one of the leading research chemical providers in the market. We believe that partnering with scientists to better understand their challenges allows us to collaboratively work toward a common solution. More than just a seller, we are an active consultant for scientific and clinical laboratories using automated workflows.

Our pledge to exceptional customer service, proven technical expertise, and collaboration makes us the go-to supplier for all your scientific laboratory needs. From answering complex questions to rapidly delivering high-quality, affordable products, our value comes from a team of technically-trained individuals using a consultative approach to understand your unique needs in terms of research chemicals. Our main goal is to serve you at the highest level through proven products and satisfy you with our diverse set of innovative and designed new drugs.


Purity Products 98%
Success Delivery Rate 95%
Anonymity 100%
Secured Payment 100%

Let’s start the conversation and find a product that works for you. Get more with and from Dalian Chemicals Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


Experienced Team
Our team has in-depth technical training and experience, and therefore a greater understanding of scientific products. Unlike our competition, Dalian Chemicals team specializes in cannabinoids,cathinones,stimulants and other research chemicals. This enables us to know every product and how it can benefit our client’s challenges.

Innovative Products
We are process-driven rather than catalog-driven. We talk with the scientists and real customers to provide them the best chemicals according to their needs. Our company is always bringing in new products that provide innovative results. These products also help our clients streamline their productivity by allowing them to achieve more in less time.

Affordable Pricing
Our approach is consultative and friendly, not price-driven. Our products are priced fairly while maintaining excellent quality and value of our products.